Business Training & Small Business Funds for the entrepreneurs

Peace building and social reconciliation

Creative Conflict Management & Transformation. Trauma Consciousness and Resilience Workshops. Listening Circles

Environment and Natural Resource Management

Our Vision

Flourishing and Resilient Communities and Environment.

Our Mission

Working towards poverty reduction, hunger, unemployment through training on basic business skills development and offering micro loans/grants to boost existing or emerging small enterprises; promoting a peaceful society among vulnerable populations in Kenya’s urban poor/informal settlements and rural homes through Creative Conflict Management and Transformation, non-violence programs.

e-CATS Story

Romano’s Story Behind the creation of e-CATS!

Romano Iluku is the co-founder e-CATS. He was brought up in one of the second largest slums in Africa; Kibera in Kenya’s capital city Nairobi. To Romano, life in the slum means you have no opportunity and no hope for the future. But because he discovered the person he was capable of; he rose above the walls and barriers painted to the environment on a journey he took a step of faith.

Romano is passionate about education and transformation. It is what has made him what he is today. And his passion towards transformation is guided by his desire to learn, love and serve humanity. He was motivated by this to change the narrative. The narrative that nothing good can ever come from the slums or for someone coming from a disadvantaged background!

The motivation led him into starting an organization by the name Empowering Communities as Actors for Transforming Societies (e-CATS); the organization envisions flourishing and resilient communities with their environment. Informed by this quote, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”, gives him a motivation to work hard and help those who have lost hope.

The initiative is aimed at addressing SDG No. 1 reduced poverty, SDG No. 2 Zero to hunger, SDG No. 10 Reduced inequality among the target susceptible populations and SDG No. 16 on peace, justice and strong institutions (majoring on peace and reconciliation) for inclusive societies in Kenya.